Tarot cards are a sacred book that tell about your current life.

Esoteric: The understanding by the specifically initiated. Embraced by a small group. Let's dance on the edge of the universe

About Me

Readings and About Me

I am mentored, book trained and have had Tarot lessons through the meanings of the Qabalah. My spreads are all based on the Qabalah Tree Of Life. I present and give very in-depth readings. Unique to the essence of Tarot is giving us the advice together, as a sacred masterpiece. I have developed two spreads of my own based on the ancient Qabalah Key to the Cosmos. I was introduced to Tarot in 1977. I worked my way through college reading Tarot and started reading professionally in 1996. I have now dedicated my life to the Karmaic reading of Tarot to help other's see why, feel their unconscious light, bring that light out into balanced consciousness and warm it into life. I am a proven empath and clairvoyant. It is of the highest Karma to bring the light and insight of what I have learned into a reading for my clients benefit.

What To Expect


I give esoteric readings that touch the soul and reach divinity. All readings are deep and detailed. I take my time. Our time together doesn't start until I flip the first card. Each spread is different. I have invented two spreads that have proved to be accurate, effective and fun. Karma is about teaching what I have learned with Tarot readings to help answers life questions. It is of the highest Karma to bring the light of consciousness out through teaching.

How Readings Can Be Done


I maintain a private and discreet clientele.

Personal appointments are always welcome. I work by appointment only.

 I am located in Stuart, Florida.

Skype: esoterictarotcard@outlook.com

 FaceTime: ericsa1165@gmail.com

We can use email any time. All emails include a hi-res picture of your tarot spread. 


Online readings are always available

For questions or requests for customized readings, please message me. I will get back to you quickly. 

Esoteric Tarot Card

Stuart, Florida



By Appointment Only

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