Unique and esoteric tarot card readings for a positive direction.

Unique and esoteric tarot card readings for a positive direction.

Unique and esoteric tarot card readings for a positive direction.Unique and esoteric tarot card readings for a positive direction.Unique and esoteric tarot card readings for a positive direction.

Esoteric: The understanding by the specifically initiated. Embraced by a small group. Let's dance on the edge of the universe

As of January 2020 I am not scheduling any readings


Long Island Reading

All day

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Long Island Reading

I may be scheduling readings starting in February or March 2020.

All day

Readings and Events

I will be reading on Long Island for the whole month of October. 


In Person Readings

10:00am - 1:30pm

Rebecca's Organics, Fort Pierce, FL

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In Person Readings

I will be doing in person reading's at Rebecca's Organics.

301 Orange Ave.

Fort Pierce, FL



My number is 203-554-0937

Also avail...

Event Details

10:00am - 1:30pm

Rebecca's Organics, Fort Pierce, FL

About Me

About Me And Readings

With over 700 years of customer service my accurate tarot readings offer you a wide selection of realities to choose from. I'm a reliable ally supporting your efforts to escape your oppressive conditioning and other peoples Hells. Tarot is dramatic proof that there is no good reason to be afraid of life. It's the right time for you to create a fresh life statement. I was mentored in tarot card reading by the Madam of Tarot in Santa Cruz, CA, starting in 1994. I have had Tarot lessons through the beliefs of the Kabbalah. My spreads are all based on the Kabbalah Tree Of Life. Tarot is a living sacred masterpiece. I have developed two spreads of my own based on the ancient Kabbalah Key to the Cosmos. I was introduced to Tarot in 1977. I worked my way through college at Stanford reading Tarot and started reading professionally in 1996. I have now dedicated my life to the Karmaic reading of Tarot to help other's see why, feel their unconscious light, bring that light out into balanced consciousness and warm it into life, so that others will come to your universe. I am a proven empath and clairvoyant. It is of the highest Karma to bring the light and insight of what I have learned into a reading for my sitters benefit. 

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What To Expect And Types Of Decks


The Sun says: "Look at me, it's me. I am your inner light. A burst of freedom, a liberation from ordinary consciousness to openness and freedom. Enter me and find me. Search for the twin, your twin flame. Put your thoughts and words aside. Search for the twin. Under me everything becomes joyful, simple and physical. A wonderful liberation from restraint." I express readings differently and uniquely. My own methods are not memorized from a book. I support all my fellow readers, I'm just a unique individual. If you understand the Death card, the Arcane with its sweeping out those who refuse to perpetuate to change and accept transformation and passage from lower to higher, you will understand me. All readings are deep and detailed. I take my time. Our time together doesn't start until I flip the first card, and I really don't have a time limit for readings. Each spread is different. I have invented two spreads that have proved to be accurate, effective and fun. Karma is about teaching what I have learned with Tarot readings to help answers life questions. It is of the highest Karma to bring the light of consciousness out through teaching.

My personal favorite decks are the original, vintage Pamela Colman Smith-Waite decks.

I have many!

I have vintage Grimaud decks.

El Verdadero Tarot De Marsella. (TdM)

Universal Waite.

Multiple Tarot de Marseilles decks including my original deck. 

Tarot of Prague and Bohemian Gothic from BaBa Studios.

See pictures below.

How Readings Can Be Done


The World: "The whole universe is my country. Ideas come to me like a river and flow. The desires I feel are the reproduction desires of the cosmos and universe, not mine. The love I feel is an immense river that runs from the infinite past to the infinite future. From deep inside yourself where it's still warm, the true self, where divinity is, there is the success, achievement and satisfaction, all unified. It is the true I Am." 

I have many options to choose from to receive a reading. 

I maintain a private and discreet clientele.

Personal appointments are always welcome. I work by appointment only.

Live readings:

Live via:

Skype: esoterictarotcard@outlook.com

 FaceTime: ericsa1165@gmail.com

We can use email any time. I will send a PDF and hi-res picture of your tarot spread. I maintain no word count or time limit. I like to write and will write your answer based on the spread until there is nothing more to say!

Gypsy Fortune Telling Spread

My 8 card Gypsy Fortune Telling Spread. Just a simple demonstration. No actual sitter. The question I choose, " Will I find someone I can share my life with."

Becoming a very common question. 


Phone and Online readings are always available

Esoteric tarot card readings. Questions or requests for customized readings, please message me. I will get back to you quickly. 

Esoteric Tarot Card

Bay Shore, New York 11706, !5th generation native Long Islander!



By Appointment Only

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